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NEW! The latest book in the Magic Pen Adventures!

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The latest adventure in the wacky and imagination-expanding Magic Pen Adventure series! 

Rachel is dreading middle school--she's heard the schoolwork is harder and the older kids are mean. When she gets a magic pen that makes everything she draws real, she creates the Timeduck, a wizard who can control time and make the summer before 6th grade never end! But things don't go quite like Rachel planned...

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The Magic Pen
Picture of the Week!

What if you had a magic pen, and what you drew came to life?  

What would you draw?  What would happen next?  

Your picture can be featured here and on my social media!  

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Order your copy HERE!

     A humorous fantasy adventure novel for middle schoolers and the young at heart!

A magic pen!  A bratty little brother!  Pictures coming to life!  Orange slime!  Tater tots!  Flying robot hands!  UFO hunting!

Learn more about Monster Problems here!

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Accepted to the Ohioana Library

 Assocation 2020 Book Festival 

 and the 2020 Kentucky Book


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